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24 October 2007 @ 01:07 pm
I feel like everything hetic and uncertain is starting to settle.
Im  finally got a handle on my time management for my crazy amount of PR assignments, if i could only bring my grade up.
Im passing all my other classes and doing well in them actually.
I already have my tap number and my classes picked out for next semester.
My papers are handed in to transfer classes.
Im looking at graduating in dec 08'
im researching an intership, my porfolio is being built.

classes are usually so crazy and im always running around I dont have time to get depressed and miss ryan.
Which isnt to say i do not miss him because i certainly do.
It just feels like a healthy missing where nothing suffers because of it.

oh and us.
Inbetween me getting my degree in a year.
Him being finally over with all that legal shit
plans for college, and a new cert,
and now this possible new side job with a fuck load of income coming in its feeling like were finally getting somewhere.
Were growing up.

The only thing left to do is finish a couple more classes and get this intership to boast my confidence that I can be in this career, as well as get my name out there.
I also need to be more involved with PRSA it'll help with the resume and the portfolio im sure.

Im starting to feel like im a grown up =o)
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15 October 2007 @ 12:11 pm
I have to have a written competitive analysis
and a 4 page preliminary public relations plan due tmorrow the 16th

THEN that thursday the 18th whats due is a cover letter responding to an ad for a job
a memo requesting a letter of recommendation from her
a 1 page memo and worksheet
a 1 page direct fundraising letter (prospective)
and a 1 page direct fundraising letter (past donors)

oh wait theres more the following thrusday the 25th I need to do
-a news release for the wayne investment corp
-a news release for the stevens software inc
-a news release for the national constitution center
-and a news release for case 20 in my pr book

Tomorrow also due is a research paper on an animal from the galapagos islands.
My biodiv journal up to date (which it isnt)

and a treatment, my script, a release letters for my newscast with Darlene.

I have no started anything.

Sweet jesus I got to get on this shit. ive been doing so well. Nows not the time to slack off.
Pulling an all nighter tonight.
and im getting A's on all of that.
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05 October 2007 @ 12:34 am
I was just outside smoking a cig not a min ago when I heard a group of ppl (prob drunk coming from HO-PI) say:
"you know what bothers me when you go up to a mac machine and it asks you if you want the directions in english or spanish, I mean im not against illegal immigriants but come on, they choose not to speak english"

First off you fucking moron: Is it that big of a deal you need to punch in ONE more thing?, and second do you not know that english is THE hardest language to learn, second if your ok with illegals then you know they are the hardest working people in the U.S. because most of the time there trying to make money, and by the way getting screwed on it, to be able to send some income back home to support a family. OR they just want to lead a better life then they had. Illegals attempt to learn as much english as possible so they can fit in and not be caught by immigration. SO many "border hoppers" dont have bank accounts, and if they do at comerce per say they are fairly sucessful people in this society which means they can speak both english and spainsh and if they feel more comfertable typing something/reading in thier original language then leave them alone who are you to judge them.

If you were in mexico and they had the option for english you would do the same thing.

People are so ignorant...in the actual sense of the word, not what it came to be.
That pisses me off so bad.
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13 September 2007 @ 09:58 pm
 So it wasnt that bad.
30-45 minute drive.
Nice ppl.
Big place.
Giving me two 11 tops was gay.
only made $40.....thats enough for smokes for the week, alcohol, and gas though. =o)

So exicited to be home tomorrow.

Im going to bootleggers for christina lee's bday w/amy to buy her a birthday beer.
Come out for a little.

oh yea im exicited to see baby too =o) hehe.
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13 September 2007 @ 02:46 pm

...with keeping up with this like I used to be.

Schools exhusting already. 
Jam packed with projects in every class and quizs and tests around every cornor.
On top of everything im keeping a social life, I beat gutair hero on easy and medium in my spare time
and putting aside at least two 10-15 min conversations with the boyfriend, which are mainly just keeping each other up to date and I love you calls.

I start work today at 5, and tomorrow again at 11.
Im really scared by this because its such a large volume store and im afriad that I wont be able to keep up with my section.
Its like 15 miles away with im guessing with traffic is about an 30-45 minutes so im leaving an hour early today.
Im going to drive home late at night im sure so im also afriad im not going to be able to find my way back to campus and then theres finding a parking spot all over again.

....I havnt moved my car since last friday.

However when the horror of tonight and tomorrow is over i get to pick up andy and jess and take them back home with me.
(They need to catch the train to temple). And be able to semi relax this weekend.
I still have a good amount of homework to attend to which is disappointing.

Saturday is the HANSON concert in baltimore, AND I got Ry baby to go with hehehe. 
Hes going to love it im sure.
Hey if my dad can respect them because they play, write, and sing there own music so should he.

Last night I was just getting to bed at like 3am, and I was jolted awake but some awful loud bang that scared me so bad i couldnt move from my bed.
I looked out the window and it was mel at 4am locked out of the dorm.

She was in the art buliding all that time finishing something and when she finally got up here she started on lab assignment and got maybe an hour of sleep before classes.

Yea millersville your not putting too much work on us.

Ugh i still have my:
 Audio news cast assignment to do
Biodiversity pictures to take and organize into a journal
Readings and AP style assignments for PR
and reading and copying of articles (2,223 pages worth)  as well as putting together a presentation for the class.

Swamped and stressed in only the thrid week of school.

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10 August 2007 @ 01:59 pm
I needed a place to write down my thoughts.
I haven't written in so long...anywhere.
The other journal was cluttered with old depressing thoughts that I would like to let go of.

So I just realized yesterday that I only have about two weeks left of summer before I go back to school.
I have so many fixed feelings about that.

I made friends so thats not a problem but there all so spread apart from everyone because everyone has an appartment.
At least I know my roomate and im happy about living with her it should be alot of fun and I think that she will be a good influence on me, which I really need this semester.

Im some what depressed that im a super senior and im not out of school yet but at the same time I feel like I have more time to learn, grow, have fun and enjoy being a kid.

    ok I guess that 22 is not a kid anymore.

Im not sure if i'll have a job which means I wont have money for gas, which is scary and I wont be able to go home every other weekend to see Ryan; which last semester at some points was my saving grace. I really began to miss home and all the stress and rules that came along with it.

When I think about this summer I feel like I havnt done that much with it but then when I really look back on it I did.

I celebrated birthdays, including my own.
I played lazer tag for the first time.
I went on some dates.
I had some bad fights.
I had some amazing make ups.
I made BEST friends who have made my heart smiled.
Ive lost some friends.
I realized who my true friends were.
I saw my Ryane and caught up.
I finally got to spend time with Soully and saw that she was still alive.
I went to Flordia for the first time with baby
I rode jet skis.
I had my one year anniversary.....again with Ryan, and we learned to calm down and take things easy with a home cooked meal, some wine, and a movie.
I went to plenty of Phillies games
I went to my first souls game.
I got my temp boating liscence.
I finally got to see Incubus in concert and bought my first drink at a show.
I spent some time with my sister, just us.
I learned to relax and not be so uptight.
I gained three more pets: two gerbils and a mouse.
Ive planned a beginning of summer bbq at ryans house that went on until 4am.
I only got loaded around my parents once.
Sadly once in front of aunt cyn (ryans mom)
I learned the value of a dollar, or more so have to save that dollar.

I guess it was more lessons then fun. But it was something that I needed.
I hope all those lessons stick with me when i go off to school.

My GM and other manager are leaving work.
This is sad because im not sure when i come back next summer ill have a job waiting for me.
I typed up a letter of recommendation for myself (my GM asked me to) and had her sign it hoping they will honor it and re hire me.

Money is such a troubling thing to worry about I feel like its just going to grow more for me.

I have work at 4 with Jeri but for now im going to go finger paint her room.

Tonight after work, hopefully if I dont get cut too late, Im going up to Ryans uncle Scotts trailor with them to relax hang out and have some drinks.

Crossed Fingers.
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